A New Way To Hold On To Memories by Making Handwriting Into a Font

Brandon and I were just getting back from our honeymoon when I got a call from my mom with some pretty horrific news. My beautiful wedding gown, AND my mom's lace veil, were both destroyed in a fire. She had taken it to get preserved and the structure went up in a blaze, taking my "something old" and "something new" up with it. 

It's never easy to recover from a tragedy like that. It makes the photos even more important, and my job as a photographer even more meaningful. Here's some shots of my wedding day pretties of past, taken by the lovely Jessica Oh! Photography


Visuals like these photos have so much impact, so much significance in the process of remembering. I have been very blessed by an amazing husband who probably cried over this more than I did. It sort of set the tone for our marriage, really. Him being so deeply, genuinely caring with his gentle love and willingness to help.


We have weathered many storms since the fire, including the death of both of our fathers in 2015 and 2016, just 8 months apart. I get a lot of people ask me why I don't change my business name to my married name, Stiffler. Maybe up until now it was just the laziness of a total overhaul, but now my maiden name, my dad's name, is more special to me than ever.


A few weeks ago when I was home visiting mom, cognitive wheels spinning about the new website and branding, I asked her for as many samples of dad's writing as she could find. He had a very unique script. He was an absolutely brilliant man, but sometimes mixed his capital letters and had a tough time spelling. We found lots of samples on old e-bay  printouts, part numbers and product names scrawled on the receipts from whatever engine he was rebuilding that month.

With the help of calligraphr.com, I was able to take these samples and trace them onto a template and make a FONT - yes a font! - of my dad's handwriting. The process is super simple. First you create an account (it's free, for this purpose anyway), then you download a template to print out. The template is just a bunch of blocks where you write your characters. Then you scan the template, click "upload" and just like magic, you have a font! You can then download your font (a .ttf file), double click the file, and hit "install." Done.


My "Kevin" font about knocked the wind out of me when I saw it for the first time. You may also notice that I have his handwriting tattooed on my wrist as well, paired with a green cancer ribbon.  I never realized how much of an impact a person's handwriting can have on your memories. If there is someone significant in your life, I encourage you to take a few moments and make their handwriting into a font. It's a really powerful memory that can evoke emotions much like a photograph. 

As a lasting legacy to my dad, not only have I decided to stick with Jill Gearhart Photography, I have used his handwriting in my new logo and various places throughout my website. I've provided a download below of my dad's font, if you would like to use it, too :)