Family Photography Images

Family Photography in Indiana PA

I love kids, and even though I don’t have any of my own yet, I always get such joy being around them. Families grow and change so quickly, and it’s so special to document every step, every change, and every stage. The older I get and the more my family changes, the more I find myself treasuring the family photos we do have, and having beautiful portraits of the ones you love more than anything can truly transform your house into a home. I’ve been trained in portrait photography in a studio where I was blessed to work with families for several years prior to starting my own business, so if your kids can think it up - it’s likely that I’ve seen it! Authentic, candid, lifestyle type photos are what really make my heart sing and what I feel really capture the personality of your littles! I’ve worked with families of all sizes and ages and really enjoy getting to meet so many amazing people in this job that I love!