Stuff I love and People I love to be with



My husband Brandon and I love to travel to nearby cities like Pittsburgh and explore the "roads less traveled" (and of course the FOOD less eaten!) It always fascinates me what small snippets of beauty or art you can find in the most unique places. You can find great places for photography literally anywhere, and I love that! Oh, and the coffee. I love dry capps, cortados, chili-clove mochas, and Clovers!



Anyone who spends about 3 seconds with me will tell you I'm a very Type-A person, and "down" time is really challenging to me. I try to dive into a book whenever I can to keep a peaceful mind. My favorite authors are Michael Chabon, Chaucer, Herman Melville, and T.S. Eliot. I am also an art fanatic, (I love the Dutch painters!) and based my entire living room furniture suite off of my favorite painting, Raspberries and Goldfish by Janet Fish.


our Puppy Ibanez

Ibanez has been with us our entire marriage, and we can't imagine life without her! We don't have any children, but the fur-baby keeps us plenty busy! She is a Collie/Black Lab mix and wicked smart - at the last count she knows upwards of 30 different words! She gets way too excited when we come home, and she has no remorse food-shaming for hours on end us as we eat dinner and refuse to give her any.


MOTORCYCLES + Sugar Skulls

When I'm not behind the camera, I love being outside. I am a bit reckless, as you may learn if I end up wading in a lake or hanging off of something precariously during your session to get the perfect shot! I have a little Suzuki GZ250 motorcycle and I love it. And the sugar skulls? They are visually fun, edgy, and I feel capture much of my personality. Naturally, they are all over my motorcycle gear!


my church family

Serving at my church is also a huge part of my heart. My husband and I made ministry a building block of our relationship early on, and I know that we will always be side-by-side using our talents for the Lord! Our creative team (where I serve!) is made up of some of my very best friends in life and I am always blown away by how everyone uses their talents so openly! Come see us at Revelry Church!


Cooking + HOSTING

I am a meal planning fanatic. When we first got married I would plan (and shop) for a MONTH at a time. I was crazy. Now, a week at a time will do. We are careful to protect our meal time (and date nights) together, and much of our happiest moments are spent with food. I started cooking when we first got married as a way to save money, get healthy, and most of all, serve my husband. Over the years, we've used it as our own type of ministry, hosting friends for dinner as much as our crazy schedule allows!


royal heir logo.jpg


Brandon Stiffler (my hubby!), owner and operator of Royal Heir Professional DJ Services, has been working in professional sound equipment operation for over a decade. As a talented electric guitarist and bassist for recording bands and an audio technician at his church, Brandon is well versed in a vast array of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers, lights, etc. He is a vibrant public speaker and will MC your wedding with lots of personality and fun! (and he's cute - Jill wrote this!)

Corydon Metcalf, business partner in Royal Heir Professional DJ Services, is an experienced DJ and musician. Corydon has a great talent for mixing and can truly read the crowd like no other, keeping the dance floor packed all night! His familiarity with DJ-specific software and equipment will ensure a seamless, energetic, and professional product for your reception. (plus he and Brandon are hilarious together and will absolutely keep you laughing! -Jill)