Wedding Photographer in Pittsburgh

Why do I love being a wedding photographer? And not just in Pittsburgh, but anywhere you want to bring me? It’s because I love being able to be a friend and a help in every step of the process. I love being there for you from the time that we first meet over coffee, to texting about your centerpieces and how your new house renovation is going, to meeting up with you to make a wedding timeline and hearing how much better you feel as we pack up, to sending you instagram posts and memes that make me think of you, to freaking out over how gorgeous you look in your gown when you DM me a pic at your fitting. It’s truly about loving and serving people in the best ways I know how. There’s nothing sweeter in this life than to live in community and friendship with each other, and if I can marry that together (heh heh) with my creativity, penchant for technology, and appreciation for beauty in all the details you’ve planned and shared in this beautiful process called planning a wedding, then I truly have found the job of my dreams.

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