One Ring To Rule Them All: The Wedding Ring Tattoo

Hands in pinky promise against a yellow background with wedding ring tattoos of anchors on ring fingers

I'm sure by now you have seen or at least heard of the new trend to skip the wedding bands and get a wedding ring tattoo. While it's certainly a cheaper alternative to shelling out $$$$ for a sparkly stunner, there are definitely some things you want to consider before getting inked. How do I know? I'm in the "ring of black" club myself. (It's not actually a club. I just made that up. I'm lame sometimes.)

Black and white photo of four hands with wedding ring tattoos of diamonds, anchors, and intials

There are actually quite a few of our friends that have wedding ring tattoos. You can see Brian's diamond on the left, Brandon and I have the anchors, and our friend Dom has an "E" for his wife Emily. 


So why did we take the plunge? When we got married, Brandon and I were both about 50lbs heavier, and while I could get my beautiful rings (pic below) adjusted as the weight came off, his Tungsten Carbide ring was not able to be resized. (Did you know that TC rings can't be resized?! Because we didn't when we bought it! Don't say I never warned you!) For our 4 year anniversary, I rallied for tattoos instead of a hubby with a naked finger.


Tungsten Carbide ring with abalone inlay and moissanite wedding ring set on the beach with seashells


I am obviously not a tattoo artist, so I preface this with a "Call and ask your tattoo artist first!"

  • What does it cost? I called a LOT of tattoo shops and most told me that finger tattoos would be charged "shop minimum" (to my understanding, it's the baseline fee that covers your needle, the time, etc.). It depends on the shop of course, but ours were $60 each at Ikonic Ink.
  • Did it hurt? Yep. But it's over so fast that it's no big deal. I have tattoos on my wrist and feet, and this one was the worst.
  • How well does it heal? My tattoo artist warned me about this (and some shops won't even do finger tattoos because of this), but finger tattoos often won't stand the test of time. Between hand washing, friction from gloves/rings/etc., and other ways we abuse our hands, finger tats often wear more quickly than other tattoos and will need to be touched up.


Of course that's entirely up to you, but something my artist told me, and I totally see why because of the healing process mentioned above, is to get something simple. We chose anchors to symbolize that we were there for each other to keep our marriage steady through the storms. Everyone say "awwwwww!!" Diamonds, crowns, initials, keys and locks, and anniversary dates are popular too. 

engagement ring balanced between pink sparkly high heels worn by a bride on her wedding day


Cool. Me too. Getting a tat doesn't mean you have to give up your rings. In fact, I still wear mine over top of my tattoo. Plus, it is a precious family heirloom that can be passed on to your children (and rings are REALLY fun to photograph!) 

close up photo of engaged couple holding hands in a fiend of wheat
cushion cut engagement ring on top of a mini pumpkin in the fall with leaves
engagement ring with orange camaro and silhouette of couple in car paint