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Do You Need a Second Photographer? How Much Wedding Coverage Is Enough?
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Do you need a second photographer, or "second shooter", for your wedding day? Your budget will definitely be the leading factor in your decision making, but there are some things you should consider when determining your photography budget and if you should hand out some extra cash for another photographer! (fun fact: all photos in this post were done by second shooters!)

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If your groom and groomsmen are getting ready at a separate location than you and you want to have photos of it, you definitely need a second shooter. The time spent traveling back and forth from location to location translates into moments lost for one photographer to be available to capture. A second shooter usually starts out the day in the bridal suite, then gets to spend some quality time with the guys right before your ceremony starts.



Picture this (real world examples): Uh oh - you and your bridal party have to get somewhere, but your cars are at the reception and you were dropped off at the hotel. A nice photographer and second shooter will be more than happy to offer up their extra seats in the car! Or, you have a room full of groomsmen, lots of straight pins and boutonnieres, and no one knows how to attach them, where to attach them, or how it's supposed to look. Not one, but TWO wedding pro's to the rescue! How about this - you need to get family photos started but Aunt Patty has wandered off to the cocktail hour. Second shooter to the rescue! While your main photographer is starting Patty-less portraits of other family members, a second shooter can wrangle up any stray loved ones that are needed for photos. Sure, all of these situations can be avoided with good communication pre-wedding and some planning ahead, but there is ALWAYS something that pops up that we are more than capable of handling for you which means a LOT less stress for you!

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If you are doing a first look, a second shooter is a must in order to capture the reactions of both you and your soon to be hubby. A photographer team will know exactly where to stand as to not be in each other's pictures, and you can be sure that you will get the most genuine reactions captured in real time. It's also great to have a second shooter during the ceremony to get both of your reactions to vows, multiple angles of the kiss, and a variety or wide and close up shots of the same moments!

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Etsy has nothing on you. People pin YOUR stuff on Pinterest. If you are a DIY bride and have tons of details and custom pieces, a second shooter is a great idea! If each centerpiece is different and you want photos of them, a second shooter is a MUST! While your main photographer will be sure to capture all the details she can, its always great to make sure every little thing is covered by having a second shooter all over the place while pre-reception portraits are being finished up! It's also very helpful to have a second shooter sneak away right after the ceremony to get some wide-angle, untouched room shots of the reception before guests arrive.

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If having lots of photos and memories of your guests having fun is really important to you, then a second shooter should be too. While one photographer "works the dance floor", the other can be snapping candids of non-dancey guests that would never otherwise be in the photos! The availability of two photographer at once also helps with the times where lots of events are happening at once, like the bridal dance or bouquet/garter tosses! 



A another set of hands and another brain full of logistical skills can also help out a lot with group photos. Whether it's helping to manage the list of family members for post-ceremony portraits, or going around to each table at the reception and getting group photos while your main photographer is on the dance floor, a second shooter saves so much time and ensures that every guest makes it into a photo! 

Here are some amazing shots all done by second shooters! Its our hope that thinking through the day from multiple angles, multiple places, and multiple people's perspectives will help you choose what kind of coverage is right for you!

Evan + Kim | Fedora and Suspenders Wedding at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall
Double exposure of bride and groom and church

Evan and Kim's gorgeous fedora and suspenders wedding at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall was an absolute blast right from the beginning. These two were high school sweethearts - I actually photographed Evan's senior photos and snuck in a few of his then-girlfriend Kim. It it so honoring to me that these wonderful people showed so much loyalty to my business, not only recommending me to other family members for senior portraits, but being blessed to shoot this super fun wedding so many years later! During their engagement shoot, we had to make some time for some funny shots that really let their personality shine. You'll have to check out the one with the tractor

Their wedding was just as fun and carefree. When I asked them what they were looking forward to the most, they said "partying and having fun!", so I made sure to capture lots of laughs. Kim was absolutely stunning in her mermaid-style gown from White Lace Bridal. Her "anything goes" easy personality made her willing to sit, jump, twirl, and get picked up by her hubby in that gorgeous dress too. After spending just a little time with there bridesmaids, who looked stunning in their gowns from Pine Ridge Bridal, I could see why they were all friends. These girls were so sweet and accommodating, willing to help me fluff dresses, hold lists, and anything else I asked of them. 

I was particularly spoiled this wedding because I was able to shoot with the amazing Nathan Ballash of Ballash.s Photography who spent time with the guys in the morning, getting some awesome shots of their suspender and fedora hat wedding day style! 


Today, most couples want all of their bases covered when it comes to photography on this special day that a lot of thoughts (and dollars) were poured into. I was so excited that Nathan was able to be my amazing assistant for the day. Being thoughtful and attentive is a must for a second shooter. Listen to some of the amazingly mindful things Nathan brought to make my day, and everyone else's, easier:

Second Shooter selfie with bride and groom
  • Shared location details with the "Find my Friends" app so we could keep tabs on each other while we shot at separate spots around town.
  • Familiarized himself with my shooting style (I shoot primes) and brought zoom lenses to offer variety and versatility.
  • Held all of my crap. And kept track of my car keys. He was basically my purse.
  • Noticed needs I didn't even realize I had. Like shading me with my reflector when I was shooting in the sun.
  • Learned my "modern" posing style and confidently stepped in (but not in a bossy way) to do more classic posing when I was done.
  • Offered (and set up) a lighting system for the reception that was totally different than mine so I could try something new!

I feel like the fun, love, and thoughtfulness shown by everyone, vendors and bridal party alike, really show in these photos. I hope you enjoy these highlights of Kim and Evan's best day ever!

Bride wearing veil clasping necklace before putting on wedding dress
Mermaid dress from While Lace Bridal in Indiana PA
Bridesmaids in Pine Ridge bridal dresses attending to the bride as she puts her dress on
Groom wearing fedora hat getting ready before wedding ceremony
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
wide shot of church and wedding guests during ceremony in Ebensburg, PA
Bride and groom exchanging rings during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom walking down steps outside of Ebensburg PA church as guests blow bubbles
formal family portrait during wedding in Ebensburg PA church
Bridal party walking and laughing in front of old Cambria County Jail in Ebensburg, PA
Bridesmaids posing for a silly group shot at Old Cambria County jail in Ebensburg, PA
Groomsmen throwing groom up in the air in a basket toss while ring bearer runs away
Bride smacking groom in the face with bouquet at Old Cambria County Jail in Ebensburg, PA
Groom throwing bride over shoulder and smacking buttFedora and Suspenders Wedding
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
black and white close up of bride and groom at Lake Rowena in Ebensburg, PA
close up of wedding bands
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
yellow icing small cake with yellow roses and ruffled fondant
Bride and groom cutting cake at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall 
Bride and groom smashing cake in each others faces at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet hall
Bride and groom with icing on their faces after cake smash at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall
Bride and groom sharing first dance under sweeping tulle and lights at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall
Father daughter dance during wedding reception at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall
Mother son dance during wedding reception at Carrolltown Fire Co. Banquet Hall
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding
Fedora and Suspenders Wedding