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Do You REALLY Need Engagement Photos? | Fall Engagement Photographer in Indiana, PA

When you are planning a wedding, every expense might be carefully weighed and considered. Do you REALLY need a 20 minute fireworks show after dinner? Do you need a 200 pound clump of florals and eucalyptus as your ceremony backdrop? Do you really need escort cards made from marble tiles and hand-lettered with 14K gold ink? Some wedding trends, while absolutely gorgeous, make me giggle. Of course, how extravagant you are depends on your dream and your budget, but an expense I think most brides may consider is whether to do engagement photos or not. My opinion is obviously YES! GET ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS TAKEN! But not necessarily for my own financial gain but for the benefits I talk about below! So keep reading, soonly-wed!


While the obvious benefit of engagement photos is to make memories and have some beautiful shots to share on social media, a really great reason to "go for it" with engagement photos is the beautiful, high quality decor options now available to you for your wedding. I've had couples make their guest books from engagement photos, or even great a guest "book" with a large print and have guests sign the matting in the frame. Engagement photos can be used as centerpiece elements for your wedding OR your bridal shower if the timing works out! The last time I was blessed to be a bridesmaid, we used photos from the couples engagement session as a cute element to the book-themed centerpieces for the brides shower - and everyone ended up taking them home! What a great keepsake! You can also use your engagement photos for your save the date cards and newspaper announcements!



This is my faaavvvvorite reason why I will always recommend any couple gets engagement photos taken. Getting in front of a camera, in front of a stranger, and told to look happy, serene, joyful, and at ease is just. plain. weird. There are a million questions running through your mind about how you look, if your hair is cooperating, how your smile seems, and just what is this photographer thinking about you!? By getting photos done BEFORE your wedding day, you and your fiancé have a chance to connect with the photographer, tell stories, learn likes and dislikes, and just build a relationship. Think of your engagement photos like your first date with your photographer. Now that we've gotten all the awkward "so what do you like to do?" "what's your favorite _____" questions out of the way during the client meeting and engagement shoot, everyone will feel more at east and relaxed on the wedding day, where the photos count the most! 

Getting to know Morgan and Daniel, the couple featured here, has been an absolute blast! We both have mutual friends through our church, and even though Morgan served on our volunteer teams for a short time, doing an engagement shoot was still very beneficial to see the chemistry between her and her fiancé Daniel. Some couples are super silly. Some are super serious. Some act more as friends, and some just want to make out the whole time! I was so happy to come along to not only capture some stunning scenery (these kids love to explore and were down for a hike!), but capture the sweet, silly, and carefree relationship that they have. It was as if I wasn't there at times, which of course is every photographer's dream! I hope you enjoy the beautiful moments we captured of this enchanting couple. (I bet they are giggling at the fact that I called them enchanting) :)