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The Search Engine You Probably Aren't Using | Pittsburgh Senior Photographer at Phipps Conservatory


There is no doubt that the place people are hanging out online these days is Instagram. You may have heard that Facebook is "dead" and Twitter is just for famous people, but one thing is for certain, the social media world is ever changing, so it's good to be savvy with all of these  juggernauts and make them work in your favor! You may have never thought of Instagram as a search engine, but it definitely is! Just like Pinterest! The key is knowing how and what to search for on each platform! 


Ever heard of hashtags? Of course you have, you don't live under a rock, I presume! Hashtags are an awesome way to search Instagram for anything you could want to see a picture of. Open the app, click that magnifying glass, and explore! If you want to be inundated with cuteness, search #puppies, if you want to find a gym type #yourcitygym, if you want to hire a photographer, type #yourcityphotographer. And you know what's great? When professionals are diligent and consistent with their hash tagging, this brings up a portfolio of sorts, so you can quickly peruse and find a vendor you like the style of right away. This really works, people. I was so honored that the beautiful Kayla, who's senior photos are featured here, found me on Instagram in this exact way! Instagram! I was hired through Instagram. (My mind is still blown!)


The other feature Instagram touts is the geo-tag! By adding a location to your post, people can tap on the location that's tagged above your photo and it opens up not only a map, but other photos tagged in that location! It's literally a way to discover a city through photos! And that's exactly how I found such cool and colorful places that fit both Kayla's style and my brand for her shoot. We had a starting point of Phipps Conservatory , heralded especially for its beautiful flowers and greenery. But I definitely wanted to switch it up from there and take advantage of Pittsburgh's urban vibe, and of course I'm a fanatic for color! By searching the neighborhood Phipps is located in, Oakland, on Instagram, we found an amazing bridge covered in locks that was walking distance from Phipps, and a killer mural on the side of a Mad Mex about 5 minutes away! I hope you enjoy Kayla's senior pics - the whole experience and opportunity was a match made in Instagram heaven!