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Ryan + Tabetha | Police Officer Barn Wedding at Fairman Family Farms, Shelocta PA

Ryan, the police officer, and his gorgeous bride Tabetha got married at the pastoral and serene Fairman Family Farms in Shelocta this past weekend with their baby girl by their side. This was definitely a memorable wedding, for many reasons. One being the major wipe-out I had mid ceremony. Chalk it up to my namesake, Jill, from the children's nursery rhyme - there was a hill, there was a Jill, (there was even a Jack!), and there was definitely a tumble! Pictured here is the mark I left in the hillside as I went backwards on my butt SECONDS before the kiss, in plain view of every guest. No broken crowns, or even cameras, for this Jill, though! Mud-covered was definitely not the most favorable fashion choice for the remainder of the wedding, but as they say, "the show must go on!"

A fun bridal party soon helped me forget my muddy-woes. By far one of the most fun groups I ever got to work with - so laid back and just happy to be there. Every casual and candid pose I requested of them they nailed effortlessly! Ryan's police officer friends kept us laughing the whole evening, with the most impressive rendition of Gangham Style I've ever seen. Who knew the guys in blue could boogie down like that?


From their custom cake topper to the "blue line" style wedding band, Ryan and Tabetha honored the important title of "officer" with every detail of their big day. One of his buddies even brought handcuffs that we were sure to grab some photos with! It was so rewarding to work with a couple that had so many creative ideas for their photos, but yet gave me so much freedom to challenge myself too. 

double exposure wedding photos

This is a "hallmark" I'm trying to establish and push myself creatively with. Each wedding, I try to do something new, something unfamiliar, and something fun, especially with light. This wedding I sought out to do a double exposure, a long exposure, and some other creative lighting options like silhouettes. While there is a way to do a double exposure in camera, I prefer to use photoshop and set a landscape shot behind a portrait of the bride and groom using an Overlay layer style, or whatever fits the image. If I've learned anything, it's that you must always keep learning, keep creating, keep experimenting, and I am so grateful for the Tennant's for allowing me to do that!

I hope you enjoy the highlights of their amazing day (if nothing else, I know you'll love the photos of their sweet baby girl!)