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Choosing The Right Style for Your Shoot | Indiana Area Senior High Photographer

You're graduating, and you want some great senior photos that fit your style. How do you choose the right photographer? One great thing for clients is that today's senior photography market is totally saturated. You have lots of options to capture your milestone year just the way you want to remember it. There are photographers out there that are just starting out so they can offer you photos at a great price. There are photographers that have been doing this for decades, so you can get a studio session with classic posing and colored backdrops. There are photographers that make you look like models with airbrushed skin, ring lights in your eyes, and flawless.... everything! Lastly, there's photographers that live in the realm I like to play in that captures you, your town, things you love, just as you/it/they are!


Good photographers will embrace the #CommunityOverCompetition mindset made so popular by the Rising Tide Society, and online support network and common space for creatives that understand that "A rising tide floats all boats." Good photographers will have a consistent style, branding, and transparency that makes it easy to know which "category" they fit into, and if that's not what you're looking for, they will point you in the right direction.

Knowing What You Want

When Jordan and her sweet mom Linda reached out to me, the topic of "style" was very much at the forefront of their minds. While lots of her classmates book sessions with other photographers in town with different styles, Jordan and her mom expressed that they appreciated my "real" style and that above all, Jordan just wanted to "look like herself."

Vibrant, Thoughtful, Genuine Photos

I take pride in my vibrant, genuine, and thoughtful style. These aren't just words that I like to throw around. They are the literal objective guiding force that encapsulates me personality and my heart. When I launched my marketing plan full force, I asked friends to give me words that described me and my work. Over and over, the words "thoughtful", "genuine", "fun", and "colorful" came up. And those are exactly the images that resonate with me. I worked hard to create an editing style that was vibrant without being unnatural. I pride myself in client relations to create thoughtful shooting location ideas, and try to make a personal connection to capture genuine joy and emotion in the photos. These three things together are the flagship of my business, "vibrant photography that is thoughtfully and genuinely you." (does anyone else always want to put two L's in genuinelly?!)

I hope you enjoy the photos from this sweet Homecoming Queen's natural, genuine senior session. She clearly doesn't need any digital help to be absolutely stunning (and she's just as amazing on the inside!) See the complete album here!


See the complete album here!