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Gregg + Ashley | Woodland Fall Wedding with Pirate Ships and Castles at Mt. Aloysius, Cresson PA
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He's a baseball player, she's a cat-lover, and they both have an amazing heart and sense of adventure, which is why during this woodland fall wedding we found ourselves on a pirate ship, in front of a castle, and creating fun memories all along the way! In the wedding industry, everyone is talking about client experience and capturing memories and the "real" you. It's said so much that it's almost become cliche - but is so so relevant and true. When I edit a wedding, I re-live the day, including all the things that happened before and after the photo, the atmosphere, and of course how comfortable everyone felt and if they were having FUN!  I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Ashley and Gregg and essentially spend a day with friends!

If you're a photographer, the getting ready process is when you can really make a bride or a groom feel confident. Talk to them! Tell them they look amazing! (I mean, who doesn't like being told they look great?!) I especially love the getting ready process because this is my time to be a helper and really serve my clients as friends, which also makes them more relaxed later in front of the camera. It means so much to a bride, and Ashley was kind enough to send me a thank you card stating this too, that you can be a friend and an assistant to them in addition to a photographer. And besides, most girls need all the help they can get wrangling THE DRESS!

Ashley and Gregg's story begins at work where they met. It started simply enough, talking to each other in the office and Gregg eventually asking her on a date, but the relationship I got to witness as it is now is so rich and selfless that it is truly inspiring. Even though they work in separate offices now, Gregg and Ashley spend lots of time together at the baseball park, where Gregg has pitched for amateur leagues for quite some time. It was so sweet to see Ashley post things on facebook about Gregg's games, the loyal fan that could always be found in the stands watching him pitch. It's that kind of devotion that made this couple so fun to photograph as their love  is genuine and selfless. Gregg also grew up selflessly serving his family as well, doing whatever it took to make sure that his brother and parents were cared for, which required great sacrifice for everyone at times. I was so moved by the speech that Gregg's brother and best man gave, with the help of Ashley, to remind Gregg that his actions were noticed and that he is so loved for caring for him as they grew up.

I truly have not seen many couples with such pure amazing hearts as these two. They devote their lives to social work, helping those with special needs, caring for animals, supporting family, the list goes on and on. I hope that their sweetness and joy is evident in these few highlights from their beautiful wedding day.

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