Make Your Senior Session Totally Amazing | Indiana, PA Senior Photographer

Blonde high school senior model with white lace dress standing by a tree and sunset.

Thinking about getting your senior photos done, but worried they won't represent you accurately? I'm sharing some tips on how to dress and choose the perfect location to make sure your photos capture everything that makes you amazingly and uniquely you. When I photograph my seniors, it's one of those most fun and magical aspects of my job. I love making your photos fun, vibrant, and "different" from everyone else's.

Lots of seniors come to me because of the colorful, joyful style my photos take on. Maybe it's because I grew up in the 90's with a Lisa Frank Trapper keeper, or maybe it's because I have a penchant for all things rainbow, but one thing is for certain -  I. Love. Color. When I met Erin, after noticing her striking beauty, I couldn't help but be excited about her cool outfit choices. I always encourage my seniors to bring a variety of outfit styles from dressy to casual, colorful to neutral. Above all, I want everything about the senior session to reflect their amazing personalities. Check out Erin's awesome wardrobe and how we were able to pair her choices with the perfect backdrops!

Blonde senior model in black dress standing by roman column at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Blonde senior model in black dress sitting on wrought-iron bench in front of Fisher Auditorium at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Blonde senior model wearing maroon blouse leaning on a stack of books
Blonde senior model in maroon blouse sitting on white rocking chair on the porch of Sutton Hall at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Blonde senior model with long curly hair flipped to one side
Blonde senior model reading a book outside at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Interested in seeing more of the cool places we ventured to? Want to see more awesome outfits? Curious about how I get to know my seniors before the session starts? 


It pays off in huge ways when seniors take the time to shoot me an email, message me on Facebook, text, whatever, to help me get to know them! I've posted some of my favorite questions to ask seniors below (and your answers just may help us figure out location choices!)

Blonde senior high school model with white shorts and hot pink crop top standing in front of royal blue wall
blonde high school senior model in white shorts and hot pink crop top throwing glitter at camera
blonde high school model in grey crop top and skinny jeans in a seated pose between two brick buildings in an urban environment
Blonde high school senior model with skinny jeans and gray crop top in urban setting between two brick buildings


. Do you like to spend time outside?
2. What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
3. Do you have any hobbies?
4. Do you like to dress up, or are you more of a casual dresser?
5. Do you like dogs/have a dog?
6. What's something you're passionate about?
7. Pick some of these words to describe yourself:  classy, fun, hipster, trendy, elegant, relaxed, sporty, academic, funky, edgy, introvert, extrovert, (and any more you want to add!)

blonde high school senior model standing on lake dock wearing white lace summer dress
blonde high school senior in nature park during golden hour


Start by going through your closet and choosing outfits that make you feel totally awesome. Don't be afraid to pair old things with brand new things as well. You want to be comfortable and confident throughout your session, so while there's definitely room to go out and splurge on a new top or shoes, mix in the tried and true favorites that really represent you. From there, we can look at the overall feel of the outfit and pair locations that make them shine! If you come with beanies and ripped skinnies, we will probably be heading to the city! If you have a flowered dress, we're going to find a field or a lake! Super colorful top? You already can guess I have colorful places around town scoped out just for you!

Having senior photos done can be a super fun, confidence boosting, and rewarding experience for everyone if you take a little time to connect with your photogrphaer and curate your outfits. This is a milestone you will look fondly back on for the rest of your life! I can't wait to make colorful memories with you!