Valentine's Wedding at the Rustic Lodge, Indiana PA

 @Jill Gearhart Photography |

Besides their love for their Sphynx cats Luka and Loki, Kenny and Christi are completely in love with their best friends - each other. These two knew each other all the way back in elementary school when Christi actually hated Kenny! Luckily, she decided that her opinions at 7 years old my not have been correct, and gave him another shot! I loved getting to know these two over coffee a few months ago, and quickly realized that if you ask Kenny about his cats and he lights up - but not quite as much as he did all. day. long. at his wedding. There’s not a single photo he’s not smiling in - be it that he felt super shy and awkward, or my favorite explanation, that he was totally in love with his bride and having the best day ever!

There were so many sentimental touches at this wedding, and a lot of really sweet tributes to Christi’s late father and brother. Her bridesmaids showered her with touching gifts such a shoe charms with these men’s initials and birthstones so they could “walk her down the aisle”, a beautiful bracelet featuring a portrait of her brother, cameos of her brother and father on her bouquet, and her brothers watch, which she presented to Kenny as a gift for the morning of the wedding! (I had strict instructions that the only stipulation with the “watch shot” was that Kenny take off his Livestrong bracelet for the photo, and I didn’t even have to ask him! Already learning that a happy wife = a happy life!).

The rose and burgundy touches and chocolate kisses favors at the tables gave this sweet wedding a Valentine’s vibe without being over the top. White fitted chair covers rented from White Lace totally transformed the Rustic Lodge. I had my wedding there too almost 7 years ago and was shocked at the change these seat covers made! I also had serious envy of her blush pink Moraliee by Madeline Gardner gown and totally would have picked the exact same one if I could get married all over again!! Christi also did her own stunning wedding makeup and hair and it was absolutely perfect! She shared with me that she honed her skills watching YouTube videos and practicing on her mom!

I hope you enjoy all of my favorite highlights from this sweet day!