Molly + Nooch's Laid-Back, Outdoorsy Indiana PA Wedding - Planned from Across the Country

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Would you ever plan your wedding at venue across the country that you’ve never seen and book vendors that you’ve never met all based on the trust you have in your husband to be and his connections? That’s exactly what Molly did. This super-busy and ever-so lovely pediatric physical therapist contacted me months ago from Texas where she and her fiancé Nooch (Dom) were planning their late August wedding. Nooch hand picked their officiant, Nate, a long-time friend from his high-school years. Nate just happened to have some beautiful farm property where the couple planned to have their super laid-back, mountains and adventure themed wedding. The ceremony was private to a few dozen family members, and then the newlyweds were joined by 250 friends and family at The Backyard event hall just a few minutes away.

Dom likes to spent a lot of time in the woods, so the theme seemed really fitting. In fact, sometimes when Dom is out in the woods, he will put a turtle in his pocket and carry it home for Molly to see. He always prefaces this with "I brought you a present!" Even though they tried to stay true to themselves, Molly shared that she actually wanted the wedding to be WAY more laid back and casual than what it turned into, but having their families there turned out to be a bigger priority than some of the other details they originally wanted. Molly said that “It was stressful planning a wedding all the way from Texas! I promised my mom I would wait for her to go dress shopping, so when she visited for Christmas we went and picked it out together. It was my first official wedding purchase.” She was actually so excited about the dress that she showed it to her future hubby (in the bag, at least!) as soon as she got home!

When I asked how they met, Molly shared that they met on a (surprise) blind date. (Surprise because she didn't know it was happening, she thought she was just going to a friend's house to hang out.) Her family actually didn’t know Dom existed until 3 months later when she totaled her car leaving his house late one night and her parents had to come pick her up. Talk about an awkward conversation!

“Getting the ring and getting engaged was a whole saga”, she said. “He told me when he bought the ring because he was too excited to keep it a secret, but I didn't know *when* he would propose. Then the ring was held at customs and the government called saying it was under investigation, which is a whole story in itself. Then Dom was going to ask for my hand from my Dad while they were working on the car but my Dad's hand got accidentally was a whole fiasco. In July 2018 when I was waiting for a ride to the airport I texted him that I just really wanted to be engaged to him, so he drove home on his lunch break and proposed in the living room. I left for the airport to fly home 10 minutes later. Dom doesn't like our engagement story - I guess he had big plans that didn't work out and thinks the real way it happened is ‘blah’, but I'm glad he proposed when he did.” I think their story, just like their day, was absolutely perfect and so “them.” Hope you enjoy some of the highlights!

Ceremony: Wood Crest Point

Reception: The Backyard

Gown: Melissa Sweet from David's Bridal

Hair: Main Street Hair Design

Rings: His- Renaissance Jewlery Hers- Doron Merav 

Invitations: Hobby Lobby DIY

Florals: Michaels DIY

DJ: Maximum Music DJs 

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