Dawn + Richard | Farm Country Engagement Session, Mineral Point, PA

 @Jill Gearhart Photography | www.jillgearhartphotography.com

When your future bride client texts you and tells you to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, but you already left the house for the day in flip flops, you make the best of it and wander around the farm anyway! When I first met Dawn and Richard one evening over a Starbucks coffee, I was excited to work with such a sweet pair. Little did I know how fun and playful they were, and how totally opposite their upbringing was! We started this sun-kissed country engagement session at the farm where Dawn grew up in Mineral Point, among ponds with Queen Anne’s Lace, dairy cows, frisbee-fetching collies, and corn fields drenched in golden hour light.

Our first few snaps were playing around in the corn field where I learned RIGHT AWAY that these two would be a DREAM to photograph. Richard probably has the best, most natural smile for a groom (to be!) that i’ve ever been blessed to capture. Whether he was actually having fun or found the whole process hilarious I’m not sure, but dang those smiles are killer! Dawn is of course a knock-out, so it was almost too easy to get incredible photos of these two enjoying the place that’s so dear to them.

We found little spot beside a pond along their lane up to the farm rimmed with “weeds”, but framed the right way, the weeds can be beautiful! To me, this session was all about chasing light. Both Dawn and Richard just returned from the beach the day before, so their glowing tans coupled with the beautiful gold light made for a warm, rich feel to the photos.

After the pond, we paid a visit to their pet dairy cows (yes, one is named Annabelle!) and even made sure these girls had a chance to photobomb some moments to make the session even more memorable. Besides the dairy cows, Dawn’s family also has beef cows, pigs that eat marshmallows out of your hand, kittens, a Great Pyrenees, and two Border Collies! We ended the session with some piggy-back rides under the family’s apple trees and a good round of frisbee with Dawn’s 10 year old Border Collie Lilly.

These memorable sessions are what make my job amazing - to be invited into someone’s world to experience the things that make them happiest, the people who make them who they are, and the moments they want to hang on to forever. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite moments from this county engagement session on the farm!