Coffee Dates with Hubs

Our favorite place to go for joe is Commonplace Coffeehouse & Roastery in Indiana, PA! We try to go weekly to do our bible study together, and between our flower-flavored lattes and cappuccinos with more foam than liquid (mmm!), we grow deeper in love with each other and with Christ.

My Puppy Ibanez

Yes I know, it's a weird name. My dad just ended up calling her doggy-dog :) But, the reason behind the name - Brandon plays guitar, and we thought it would be cool to give her a unique guitar name. Hence, Ibanez! In the future, we are thinking of a German Shepherd named Gibson :)


I am a meal planning fanatic. Give me all of the cilantro. I could live off of avocados! I started cooking when we first got married as a way to save money, get healthy, and most of all, serve my husband. Over the years, we've used it as our own type of ministry, hosting friends for dinner several times each month.

Reading On My Porch

I've been really trying to take rest and Sabbath seriously ever since reading Shauna Niequist's Present Over Perfect (go buy it!) Anyone who spends about 3 seconds with me will tell you I'm a very Type-A person, and "down" time is really challenging to me. I try to get out on my porch and dive into a book whenever I can to keep a peaceful mind. Oh, and my favorite author is Michael Chabon and yes that photo was really taken on my porch.


Sugar Skulls

My best friend is fluent in Spanish, having studied abroad for many months of her undergrad and post-grad degrees. These symbols of love and light and remembrance were always something that remind me of her and the culture she is so deeply infatuated with. They are visually fun, edgy, and I feel capture much of my personality. Naturally, they are all over my motorcycle gear!


how I spend my free time

My husband Brandon and I love to travel to nearby cities like Pittsburgh and explore the "roads less traveled" (and of course the FOOD less eaten!)  It always fascinates me what small snippets of beauty or art you can find in the most unique places. You can find great places for photography literally anywhere, and I love that!

Serving at my church is also a huge part of my heart. I am the Volunteer and Events Coordinator at Amplify Church, Indiana campus! At a volunteer awards show I helped put on in early 2017, the MC made the joke that I simply can't take the night off from serving in some capacity or I will start twitching. Truth. I laughed a little from behind my camera.


When I'm not behind the camera, I love being outside. I am a bit reckless, as you may learn if I end up wading in a lake or hanging off of something precariously during your session to get the perfect shot! I have a little Suzuki GZ250 motorcycle and I love it.